But we also never fail to plan. We write the plan down on paper. This creates accountability for us, and a path for your marketing. While it may sound risky, we would rather set goals versus blindly executing projects. So, we build our strategy around your Value Framework. This allows us to leverage key data found in the research process. Then, we can execute on this thoughtful plan. So, if we miss the mark we know it. We know it quickly and we can respond immediately. Also, if we hit your customer’s sweet spot, we can capitalize on that opportunity quickly. With our strategy process, you’ll always be in the loop on what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how each of your campaigns are performing.


To create your workflow process, we chart out how each piece of your campaign will work together. This may be specific or generic, long-term or short term. It really depends on what kind of strategy we’re putting together for your quarterly playbook. However, one thing remains the same, it’s written down. This allows our team to look for both strong and weak points in the process, in addition to, noting areas to measure key metrics. Also, it always WOWs when you’re asked to present on marketing progress during a board meeting.


Value Framework is a recently coined term, and it identifies the main objectives of why you are seeking to work with 434, and keeps everyone on the same page throughout the process. There are thousands of metrics out there to measure, but we regularly report on Key Performance Indicators to show success.

Originally, we focused on hard quantifiable data to show success, but we have since learned that value can be defined differently depending on the customer. Because of this, we still stay mindful of the data we are reporting as it is easy to report on and helps us to identify opportunities for growth, but we also focus on crafting a good story for you to tell to your customers.

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Without goals, your marketing is just a bunch of pretty images, catchy videos, and inspiring words. While we love images, videos and words, we also want to make an impact on the marketplace. That’s why we bring the whole team around the strategy and focus all of our work around supporting those initiatives. To learn more about the minds you can collaborate with, visit our team page.